Friesian Sport Horse, competing in Dressage. The owner
brings this horse for aquatherapy regularly for
conditioning muscles, increasing stamina, and overall health.

Welcome to Leonard Stables - Aquatherapy

Leonard Stables is a family owned and operated business for equine racing, training, conditioning and rehabilitation.

Since 1948, Leonard Stables has successfully established itself as a business for the equine industry, ensuring the best quality, health and conditioning for horses.


This 11 foot pool located at the Leonard Stables Facility
was specifically made for horses, any breed and size.

Aquatherapy Program

Leonard Stables offers the unique and rare service of aquatherapy. This exercise process allows to condition the cardiovascular and muscular systems of the horse to produce an equine "super athlete", without the strain on joints, tendons and bone mass associated with normal everyday impact with the ground. Young horses especially benefit from aquatherapy due to their tendons and joints growing and changing.

All breeds of horses in any discipline, whether it is racing,
dressage, jumping, driving, etc. will benfit from this program!


This process also greatly aids in the healing process for an inured horse as rehabilitation. Aquatherapy allows for work and exercise, allowing the cardiovascular system to work as it would in normal activity, strengthening muscles and tendons without straining them. Necessary nutrients are carried faster through the bloodstream in an active horse and therefore healing time is reduced.

Leonard Stables owns and operates an aquatherpy pool on premises specifically tailored for horses.


The horse is first groomed and bathed before entering the pool, this is to keep the pool clean and functional. The horse is then led down a skid-proof ramp slowly into the pool. At the end of the ramp the pool drops to 11', in which the horse begins to swim naturally, ensuring consistent exercise. Horses are naturally good swimmers and tend to like the aquatherapy program the more often they are exposed to it, which is usually within the first two to three sessions.

At this point, the horse will swim while attached to an aluminum pole by halter and led around the perimeter of the pool. For first time swimmers, more than one staff member is present to ensure the horse's safety as well as to teach the horse to push forward each stride. This staff member will usually have the horse attached to a long lead rope to aid in the horse's swimming strides.

Horses are normally exercised for one minute each session for the first couple of sessions and then gradually will have their time increased on an individual basis. Terry Leonard's experience allows him to know when horses are exercised enough, therefore allowing each horse to work effiiciently without pushing passed it's limitations and causing strain on the horse.

After each aquatherapy session, horses are placed on a hot walker to cool down to ensure proper muscle care. Horses normally swim six days per week, however this may be changed at an owner's/trainer's request.

Please contact us to custom tailor a program for your equine athlete!


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