Pasture Turnout

Leonard Stables has a property coverage of 100+ acres,
70% of which is covered by grass pasture, providing ample
room for all horses, whether they can be placed in groups or
individual turnout. Horses are turned out 7 days a week.


Stalls are 10' x 10' and located in two barns. Hay and grain are
fed three times daily along with watering throughout the day.

Hot Walker

One motorized hot walker is located in one of the two barns
and provides supervised exercise and warmup/cooldown for
up to four horses at a time. Horses are usually placed on the
hot walker after exercise and aquatherapy.


Training and Race Track

Horses that require training will be placed on a training schedule with Terry Leonard per owner/trainer request. Leonard Stables
has a full size race track used for exercising and training of the race horses.


Aquatherapy Program

Leonard Stables offers the unique and rare service
of aquatherapy. This exercise process allows to
condition the cardiovascular and muscular systems
of the horse to produce an equine "super athlete",
without the strain on joints, tendons and bone mass
associated with normal everyday impact with the
ground. Young horses especially benefit from
aquatherapy due to their tendons and joints
growing and changing.

Please click here to go to our Aquatherapy site.


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